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The Wedding Party

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The Wedding Party

No one knows your group as well as you. So many different personalities, and so many requests and complaints, at times it feels as though you have started a small day care center. But you have trusted your wedding party to share the most intimate details of your wedding day.  To be a part of the good and bad that comes into planning such a large event.

They are the best and worst of yourself, but you couldn’t ask for a better group to share it all with. They help wipe away the tears and will sacrifice their own safety to make you laugh through the stress. They will talk about your most embarrassing moments in public, and that one time at band camp. Still you love them and couldn’t imagine life without them. Couldn’t imagine experiencing your wedding day without them right by your side, or the joy of when they have to hold your dress up to use the bathroom.

The wedding party is the background for all the memories throughout your day, and it’s important to make sure they are captured in their true forms, as much as your own. They should be privileged to remember this day as if it were their own, and help revisit all the good, bad, and blooper moments that made your wedding day yours.