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The Dress

As a bride, you have been preparing for this moment since you were a little girl. Playing dress up in the closest and putting on way to much make-up. You’ve practiced your words and planned your wedding a million times in your head, down to the smallest detail. But the one thing that has remained strong in your thoughts is the wedding dress you will wear when walking down the aisle.

It’s your moment to finally be a princess; your moment to feel as though the world has stopped and gasped in the radiance of your beauty as you float towards your groom. He hasn’t seen you until this exact moment, and it has to be perfect. The long train of the dress, or the veil that softens your glow and hides the fear is soon to be revealed.  He is seeing you for the first time as his wife and will forever remember the dress you have been envisioning since you were that small little lady standing in the mirror.

The dress is an extension of yourself, your day, your future, and your past. It is the culmination of all you have thought about and the start of a life that was once simply a dream. The dress deserves to be captured in photograph and should be placed with care to truly show its own personality.