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Everyone is unique and has their own little quirks, which is why we thought it would be fun to create an Wedding Personalities gallery. Some like ketchup on their eggs, and some believe pineapple belongs on pizza. But no matter the amount of crazy, or difference, it’s what makes each person remarkable and special. Your wedding day should be no different in your difference. The photos taken should not only describe your day and that went into it but should tell the story of who you both are.

Your personalities are the reason you were brought together. The reason you provide balance to each other, and the reason you argue about what’s for dinner. Form the sports, to the video games, to deer season, or even the quiet nights of Netflix and lifetime movies, you both bring something unique to the table. On the day of your wedding you deserve to be you. You deserve to simply enjoy the hearts of your labor and planning and enjoy the differences of each other that you love so much.

Don’t allow your personality to shadowed by ego, or what others say you should do, but to shine and illustrated for who you both really are. As much as we want to hear about how pretty you think your photos are, we would much rather hear how much of your true selves were captured and how you can look back and say, “OMG, that is so us!!!”

So, let’s have fun. Let’s take a minute from the day of schedules and opinions, and just focus on what brought you both together to begin with, your personalities. Your casual, and rebellious personalities.