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First Dance

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First Dance

Your First Dance… The music has started, the crowd has disappeared from your thoughts and vision, and the only thing in front of you is your loving best friend. You float around the room without worry or fear, as your song plays throughout. Nothing matters, no one exists, it’s just you, him, and your perfect song. Tears form in the corner of your eyes, because it has finally happened. You have started your life as husband and wife, and this song will be forever remembered as yours.

An unforgettable smile sweeps across your face as he dips and spins you for the crowd to see, and although you are unaware, tears and applause have embraced the room in awe of what is truly a remarkable sight to see.  This is your first dance, this moment belongs to the two of you, and has been shared with all those you call family and friends. There is no mistaken that your dance, your moment, will be captured as its own story to tell.