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Alright guys, we know you hate having your photo taken, but we assure you we can make this painless and fun, after all, your main job is to show up and say, “Yes dear,” a whole lot. Even though most weddings are built around the dreams of the bride, that doesn’t mean it can’t include some personal touches of you, the grooms.

Just like any guy, we have those friends that we willingly let slap us on the butt and convince us a bad idea is good. We have those moments we can’t believe we lived through, and we are always risking life and limb for no apparent reason at all. Face it, we are not the most graceful of creatures. But what is true, is you are getting ready to marry a person that has seen past all that, accepted it, and is vowing to make sure you limit your stupidity as much as possible.

Being a groom doesn’t have to be dreadful, or bland. A few small drinks, some college humor, and a tearful moment, (which you will blame on dust or allergies), as you see your bride walking towards you for the first time. This is your best friend, your wife, and the one other person that will deal with your whining when you get sick. Its these reasons and more that this day belongs to you as much as her, and your photos should reflect all of it; your personalities, your passion, and your love.