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Understanding what a bride wants is possibly the most important part of any successful wedding. From the ring, to the dress, to the make-up and hair, everything has to fall into place. Besides, it’s all about what the brides wants!

Our job is to make sure the story we tell, and capture is the one she has been dreaming and dressing up for since she was little girl. Being a bride should be happy, emotional, and clichély perfect. Without the tears of stress and regrets she should be able to enjoy every single detail of the first part of her journey as a wife.

As we begin to capture all those little moments of the day, our brides will look back and relive them as though it was just yesterday. She will see the dress, shoes and makeup before they were ever slipped on. The rings and center pieces that lined her venue, and the look on her grooms face as she finally made her way down the aisle. She will see the gasps of the crowd in her beauty, and the tears on her fathers face as she was gifted away to her perfect man.

It’s all these moments and more that allow us to make your day just that, yours. You be the bride, and we will be there for it all.