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Love is Meant to be an Adventure

By Shane Michael

Love has a way of throwing us. The ups and downs, the petty arguments (which at the time meant everything), smiles and tears, the annoying habits of our partner, and the adventure of not knowing what comes next. But after all, that’s what the journey of love is about. The knowing you don’t know.

Shane Michael Studios, Couples & Wedding Photography
Couples & Wedding Photography

For many, even myself, it’s been an uphill battle to learn. Trying to plan every detail, budget every dime, and fall into a comfortable routine that allows us to feel, “safe.” It’s a silly word, and yet it has so much impact on our everyday lives, especially our relationships. Why be safe? How do we really learn about a person if we keep staying safe? Where is the adventure? That heart pounding, rush of energy adventure we need to feel alive!!!

Frankly, safe is mundane. It’s what makes us forget all the reasons we exist. All the moments we skip past because it didn’t fit into our routine of domestication. Our routine of what we see everyone else doing. Here’s the thing, if you do what everyone else does, then it’s not really yours, it’s a mirror of someone else. Your relationship should be yours, and not what other relationships tell you it should be. Simply put, love is supposed to be an adventure; it’s supposed to be your own adventure.

Being in love is about exploring, learning, trusting, breaking, and building each other up. It’s interacting with one another in a way that pushes your boundaries, and limitations to a point of daily growth. In all honesty, your adventure should reflect the relationship you want to have; something you both can look back on and smile, because it was more than a pretty photograph taken or an amusing quip. It was a perfect memorial of who you were together, and who you have become together. 

Shane Michael Studios, Couples & Wedding Photography
Couples & Wedding Photography

If we are lucky, we will savior two kinds of adventures in our lives. The ones written in the sands, only existing till the rise of the tide, and the ones written in the stars, built with vitality, energy, and balance. While one allows us to feel a singular moment of comfort and euphoria, the other is devised to prove our ability to experience true life and expression. A way of growing past our selfishness and teaching each other selflessness.

The adventure is not making the first move, it’s knowing you must keep moving. Knowing that everyday is and will be different. It’s learning from the day before and growing for the day after. It’s the last first-kiss; the first time you meet the family, as well as when you become one. It’s knowing when to stop and listen, but also knowing when to keep going. It’s a willingness to apologize when you confuse the two. It’s wiping away the tears and being at fault for laughs; for pushing each other to be better, healthier, more enlightened. The adventure is knowing you have a spotter to catch you when you fall, and hands to help you heal.

Love is an adventure, one that can’t be duplicated and poached by anyone, but should be experienced by everyone.

Shane Michael Studios, Couples & Wedding Photography
Couples & Wedding Photography