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Destination Weddings

There are a lot of Important moments in our lives. Our first steps. Our first words, first kiss, first love, even our first heartbreak. We share these stories with relationships throughout our lives, but it’s what we did “last” that really begins our story.

It’s that last first kiss, that last love, and the moment we share with someone who has made us feel complete. That last walk down the aisle as single person, and that first venture into a lasting and loving team. Your wedding day is the last of so much, and the first of so much more. It’s your day, your story, and the beginning of a tale you will tell for all the years left in life.

With so many beautiful places in the world to see, your story doesn’t have to be limited to the confines of traditional, but rather remarkable. It’s your wedding, your day, and everything about it should tell like a fairy tale. From the Vera Wang wedding dress, to the Emmy London Victoria Heels. But what about the scene of your story?

Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world is just off the Northern West Coast, La Push Washington. With water so clear, and scenery so vivid, you will feel as though your story came right out of a romance novel. The sunsets here cast beautiful reds, purples, and yellows across the sky like a painting, while reflecting its vision across the water below. The enormous sun-bleached driftwood that have washed upon the shores, the cool breeze brushing your cheeks and brow, and the view of the Pacific Ocean just behind that last first kiss, all set the stage for your perfect and most intimate wedding destination.

Another storybook beginning would be the shores of Lake Superior, just north of Two Harbors, Minnesota. Just beneath the Split Rock Lighthouse, caters to some of the most relaxing sounds and peace of any destination wedding. It’s smooth rock shores and freshwater waves begin a tale of adventure, and comfort, as you and your lover embrace what will be the rest of your lives together. The deep blues of the sky, the hinted brown tones of the shores, and distant haystack rocks are the perfect setting for any storybook start. 

For those in search of stunning, one would be remiss not to mention the long sandy shores of Cannon Beach, a small coastal city in Northwest Oregon. Detailed with bright blue waters, distant mountain terrain, and beautiful coastal beaches, it is nothing shy of art. One could only imagine standing barefoot in the soft sand, while attentively gazing into the eyes of the one they call theirs. The haystack rocks will soften the sounds of the waves as they brush upon the shore at your feet. Be swept back time and time again as you relive the tales of your perfect destination wedding.

While some stories are best told along the shores, others are more inclined to the escape of nature and seclusion. One such place located just outside Seattle, Washington, is simply known as Tree House Point. Here your story is told above the pavement, and towers, as you get swept away into the trees and moss of this coastal wedding destination. As the sun slightly peeks through the branches, and the wind sweeps beneath you, it is a place of remembrance and whispers as your story unfolds. Feel at peace as you bare your heart to the one you love and begin your story in the swaying breathes of the forest around you.

What would a story be without a ghost town? Nestled in the mountains of Colorado is the once abandoned Dunton Hot Springs, now a restored destination location.  Most fitting for those who want nothing to do with the outside world, surrounded by tall evergreen trees, freshwater streams, silk like grass, and radiant mountain views, this is a rustic dream come true. Reestablished with the original dancehall & saloon, bathhouse, and over 12 cabins with unique charm and character, you can tell your tale as though the west is still being discovered when you and your partner walk the fields to say, “I Do.”

No matter how you want your story to be told, how it unfolds, or the scene you set, the day is yours; a book of blank pages eagerly awaiting your first entry, to tell the tales of all your firsts and last moments of your wedding day. Find a location that speaks true to you and find a destination photographer who will help capture every detail of your never-ending tale.